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Barack Obama Just Betrayed Donald Trump In The Worst Way Possible

  • Bill

    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t soldiers talk an oath to follow orders from the commander in chief?

    • Ray

      That’s right, POS Obummer at this point will say everything against President-elect Trump before he leaves office. The worse President ever. A FACT!!!!..

      • FAITH47

        RIGHT ON!!!!!!!

        • Larry Lawless

          Obama is wrong and the military will set all service members straight, obviously you are one of those who benefit from our service but are yourself unwilling to put your butt on the line to protect your own A$$

          • Karleen Blanchard

            Obama never supported our military . I have talked to many men in the military and they say so

      • 5live5

        worst something, but I disagree with [president. He’s never been one in the true definition!!

      • carlad


    • Michael

      I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962)

      The orders must be “lawful”. A little known fact is the military isn’t protected by the Constitution. They are governed by the UCMJ.

      • John_Eidsmoe

        As a retired Air Force JAG officer, I can assure you that the oath is to support and defend the Constitution, not the President, and to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This becomes a problem when the President is a domestic enemy, but a soldier has not only a right but also a duty to disobey an unlawful order.
        The Constitution does protect military personnel, but it is applied consistent with the needs of military discipline.
        The vast majority of our military personnel are thrilled that after eight years of oblivion, they will finally have a President who is pro-America and who appreciates and supports the military.

        • LROWER

          Thanks for the excellent insight.

        • JALJAL

          The oath is different for officers and enlisted. Was so instructed by my US Army officer relative.
          The enlisted have the POTUS included … check it out.

        • Dale g

          The oath that the enlisted man takes does have a different word here and there but it’s really still the same. Any military member may disobey an order that is unlawful and immoral. For example, should the President call me in and say, Sergeant, I need you to murder the head of the FBI and the head of the NSA, that is an unlawful order and I do not need to follow such an order. I have nephews in the Air Force and Army, one of which has a wife who is also an officer in the air force. They would all tell you that military service has been more difficult since Bill Clinton was elected. And they are delighted that it looks like change is finally coming. And none of them would openly challenge the President.

          Know what I’d like to hear when Mr. Obama hands the Presidency to Mr. Trump? i want to hear our new President say, “Thank you, Mr. President. You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to any attorney……………………………………

          • Pete Paradissis

            Roger That Dale!

          • disqus_2yv97E418L

            Yup – treason and sedition

        • FAITH47


          • Christian1897

            He is not only a Mobster supplying guns to the drug cartels via Fast and Furious, but he is a Communist Moslem traitor that history will show is a total traitor to this nation and a Moslem plant to aid Islamic terrorism. History will one day show that Obama lived in Pakistan for a time and actually went through terrorist training while there.

          • disqus_2yv97E418L

            AMEN brother.

          • bovestrian

            He’s not a stupid moron. He’s an arrogant ass who believes he is superior to all. In other words he is a f-ing jerk.

        • Pete Paradissis

          Roger That Officer Eidsmoe!

      • EZ Income
        • Bill Nonyabus

          I would bet money. If I had any, that the company is Muslim owned in India. They have muslim problems there too.

      • Pete Paradissis

        Roger That Michael!

      • Larry Lawless

        Thank you for the clarification.

      • yearnd

        True Faith, And Allegiance

      • Karleen Blanchard

        It is great u put this on here . It show the absolute truth that Obama is wanting our soldiers to break there oath when joining the military . Shame on Obama for making such s blatant ststement and
        For encouraging our soldiers to break their oath . Shame shame shame on
        You, Obumner!!!!!!!

    • David Stewart

      Don’t think that oath has any weight when the CinC is a Marxist traitor to the nation!

      • Michael Meredith

        yes,,,,,I think soros/sotero/bilary muders socialism is alive and well in America,

    • LROWER

      As long as they are moral and legal!

    • JALJAL

      Absolutely. They can disobey an *unlawful* order but ….

      • 5live5

        The trial for disobeying that order could turn against you in the end.

    • Fedup

      Lawful orders.

    • FAITH47

      Yes, they do
      .Well Obama so stupid and moron no common sense what he was thinking are for himself.He love himself and the hell for all Americans.SELFISH AND S T U P I D.

    • Sandman1988

      This only shows exactly how LITTLE Obama actually knows about the military that he was (and currently is) the commander in chief of (for eight years)!! Being disrespectful or disobeying a lawful order from the Commander in Chief can (and would) be prosecuted under the UCMJ. He should be considerate and bow out quietly… and not interfere to give Trump a chance… just as Bush gave him that same courtesy of not interfering during his Obama’s years… to give him a chance!!

    • charlie

      no they take an oath to follow the CONSTITUTION OF THE USA. AND should have removed odumbo 7 years ago

      • malaw

        Well they would have removed him had our Conservative politicians had any guts back then. Instead we have had to endure 8 years of hell. Thank God it’s almost at an end.

    • Dexter L. Wilson

      Yes, but can disagree with the commander if the order goes against the manual. But in this case this President has removed effectively the right of the Soldiers to honor Christianity. The lady who was a soldier who put on her government computer simply quoted a scripture,” no weapon formed against me shall prosper and refused to remove it. Now, I ask you that oath, is consistent with military protocol and the officer who commanded her to remove it was out of line yet the military tribunal court marshaled her. I would think that a statement showing belief that no weapon formed against her is consistent with her belief that she was protected and could fight our battles believing she could defeat any enemy foreign or domestic. Our soldiers used to be given New Testaments to go into battle but I am guess they can’t anymore for fear of offending a Muslim, or atheist. I can tell you stories of soldiers quoting and carrying Psalm 91 who were protected against harm.

    • Larry Lawless

      Yes they do !!!

    • ToniStimmel

      When I took the oath, a half century ago, I don’t recall the CoC or president being mentioned, it was the Constitution that I swore to uphold.

    • Karleen Blanchard

      You are correct .

    • George

      As long as that order is morally and ethically right you follow the order. You do not have to follow orders that hurt others just to hurt them. We are Americans, and we are to know better.

  • yennikcm

    aka POS barry, purged the Brass that did not agree with him..

  • DrHarley

    Does any thinking person really care what Obama has to say?

    • Ray

      Hello NO!!!..

    • BillinJax


    • Kim Weaver

      Hell NO! We sure don’t! I haven’t since the HILTER POS took office !!

    • Pete Paradissis


  • drbhelthi

    The speech by Obama encourages airmen to mutiny.
    Barack H. Obama deserves to be arrested, removed from the U.S. presidency and incarcerated.

    • Garx72

      Last week, Last year, 6 1/2 years ago. Our nation will survive.

      • golding4

        Not if you believe what the bible says about that nation covered by the eagles wing………WOE to the land shadowing with wings beyond Ethiopia (the fringe of civilization in Isaiah’s day) That have to send ambassadors by the sea because of no land route….(across a sea). A nation scattered and peeled, To a people terrible (strong) from their beginning, A nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled! …..All the inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see , when this nation puts a flag on a hill, and hear when this nation blows a Trumpet. For so the LORD said unto me, I will take my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest. For before the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks and take away and cut down the branches. They shell be left together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth: and the fowls shall summer upon them and all the beast of the earth shall winter upon them …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… There is only one nation with no land routes to Israel, and that nation strong from their beginning….(across an ocean)…and why not…God to do this to a nation that has turned their back to Him….you call this a Christian nation…HA maybe 85 % claim to be Christian but only 11million people are in the churches of this nation weekly and that is only 3% It was the democrats that started and completed of taking God out of the schools and the military is not even allowed to say Jesus………………………………………….. and why not……the fig tree was planted in May of 1948 and God even said He would put them back into their land in the last times and also said that when you see the fig tree spouting, that generation will not all be gone until all is accomplished.

    • Wandell Carter

      Why this hasn’t happened is beyond me! This traitor should have been imprisoned the first week he took office! Much of our nation has become a bunch of haters of all we stand for, of course I’m speaking of the liberals that are trying to destroy all that is good in America. after the 20th of Jan. America needs to have an all our war on the liberals , their crimes being traitors to America. Yes, we do have free speech, but when it becomes a threat to our national security is when that liberty is no longer in play. Love America, uphold the Constitution,honor God, and respect each other. We are all in this world together and need to irradiate those that want to destroy our very existence . obama is at the top of the list of traitors, worst president America has ever had.

      • FAITH47

        RIGHT ON!!!!!!

      • golding4

        What chance did true American have to rid themselves of a man that wasn’t even legal to be POTUS while the good ole boys club in the House and senate were to busy enriching themselves, and they weren’t all democrats, get rid of the leader of the senate also, I believe he was the president of the club, sure, they are called by name…Rino’s get rid of them!, It is my opinion that the leader of the house retired before they could find out about his Rinoship.

    • Debby


    • tinker1

      HEAR! HEAR!

    • Kim Weaver

      Yes! And possibly given a last meal!

      • drbhelthi

        Disagree. Give the meal to a needy person.

        • Kim Weaver


        • malaw


      • Pete Paradissis


    • FAITH47

      YUP!! HANG HIM!!

    • Bill Nonyabus

      You mean Obastard ? That’s what he’s been since day 1.

      • drbhelthi

        “Bastards” are simply persons born outside of wedlock. They are not responsible for the fact.
        Calling Barack H. Obama a “bastard” insults the folk who are not responsible for their heritage, most of whom are normal adults, not malevolent, destructive racists like “Obama”.
        Former CIA agent Dr. Jim Garrow stated that “Obama” is a Saudi spy. He failed to mention that the Bush/CIA/MOSSAD selected the alias for Chicago, following his assignment with the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan. The same Bush/CIA/MOSSAD manipulated Democrats, subcultures and the election process to elect him to the POTUS slot, 2008.

        • Bill Nonyabus

          drbhelthi, please do not try to undermine my comment with your drivel, acting like I’m stupid. You totally miss the point. Obastard is what he’s been. Definition most of us understand already know. You may want to add it to your vocabulary.

          bastard (ˈbɑːstəd; ˈbæs-)
          1. informal offensive an obnoxious or despicable person
          2. informal often jocular a person, esp a man: lucky bastard.
          3. informal something extremely difficult or unpleasant: that job is a real bastard.
          4. old-fashioned or offensive a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate baby, child, or adult
          5. something irregular, abnormal, or inferior
          6. (Breeds) a hybrid, esp an accidental or inferior one
          adj (prenominal)
          7. old-fashioned or offensive illegitimate by birth
          8. irregular, abnormal, or inferior in shape, size, or appearance
          9. resembling a specified thing, but not actually being such: a bastard cedar.
          10. counterfeit; spurious
          [C13: from Old French bastart, perhaps from bast in the phrase fils de bast son of the packsaddle (that is, of an unlawful union and not the marriage bed), from Medieval Latin bastum packsaddle, of uncertain origin]

          • malaw


    • disqus_2yv97E418L

      Sedition – classic definition. Some constitutional lawyer

      • Joseph F Idell

        Is there a law diploma? Did he even take and pass the Bar
        Exam in ANY state?

  • Gary Smith


    • Garx72

      I pray you are correct but the community organizeer will continue to make waves.

      • Wandell Carter

        Not if he is locked away in solitary confinement or is sentenced to the firing squat or hung as traitors are supposed to be. America has sentenced traitors to their death for lesser crimes than obama has committed.

    • belleboy

      Let’s hope and pray that he DOES leave the White House and that there is time to disinfect the rat’s nest.

    • toad

      I’d be willing to bet that very few in the military care very much for Obama.

  • chucklc


    • Bud William

      Hell no, he has pissed away enough time and money running around the world on Air Force One.
      As well as his wife.

  • reasoning with facts

    What this Muslim P O S doesn`t realize is the fact that the more he criticizes , the more popular Trump becomes !!

    • mpdMD1965

      Mr Bo’s intellect is not of that level. The only reason he is president is because of White ANGST.
      Folks misunderstand that giving someone like Obama a chance to prove himself is a waste of time and often comes back to bite you. The color of your skin is not a reason to be accorded the honor and RESPONSIBILITY to be president of our country.. This ignorant donkey was leading us into the gutter in an attempt to prove he can do SOMETHING. Wonder how much money he and Hillary dung Clinton have received from foreign nations to make sure we are no longer number one. If only the truth were known that has been his main plan while in office. It surely was not the enhancement of our country. WE are the laughing stock of the world..

  • Mel2107

    Trump does not need any help or an endorsement from Obama. This would be detrimental to Trump. Obama’s administration was the worst disaster in U. S. history.

    • mpdMD1965

      It is amazing how tolerant the American people are. We have put up with leadership??? from the only president to date who really is represented by the Democrap symbol. Good riddance loser. Rest in peace . Maybe you and Hillary Rotten can write your memoirs together.

  • Lee

    Ever notice that Obama gets a mild applause when he speaks to a military audience? They don’t act like that, when they support a leader. That is something that my friends currently serving say is not true for Obama. They have a hard time with him as Commander in Chief, they will not listen to him as a civilian.

    • mpdMD1965

      The military has had to put up with the so called commander in chief form Hell for 8 years. I am sure they are planning one hell of a send off. How about a 21 gun salute. OOOPs.

    • LROWER

      You’ve got that right!

  • belleboy

    Every chance he gets the Bummer reverts to being the street corner disorganizer and thug that he truly is.

  • mpdMD1965

    The jumping jackass, ( party symbol and rightly so) Barry O, is proving to be even more ridiculous than we already realized during his tenure in office . Obviously he is angry that he could not pass on the baton with the associated plan to destroy our Democracy to FAT BUTT Clinton so now he is planning his petulance against Mr Trump. Hey BO( a most apt set of initials ) you have not the ability to make Mr Trump appear negative. He could just sit at his desk and do more than you have in your 8 years of so called presidency. You are like a petulant child who had his candy taken away. We are so lucky to be rid of the scourge known as Obama the AntiAmerica Loser.

  • Gary Asti

    What do you expect from a PIECE OF SHIT like obama?? He has tried to destroy AMERICA every way possible every day he has been in office!! I think He and the clintons (both) should betrayed for treason and publicly hung until dead and then thrown in the trash

    • Christian_Patriot7

      Please don’t throw them in the trash, that’s too good! Throw them in a volcano!

  • Bob__B

    One has to remember that President Bush is a gentleman with integrity and respect for the United States and the Presidency. Obama fails those tests on all levels.

  • Debby

    Such an awful, awful person…… and an IDIOT !!!!

  • Hilda Carrillo

    what else can you expect from this traitor, once again, I’m counting the days and hours until he leaves The White House, and I hope I don’t have to see his face again.

    • golding4

      I do…..I want to see him in an Orange suit and celled with some big bubba

  • Steve Slamalot

    obama is satan. The great deceiver.. Or so he thinks and acts. Nonetheless he walks like a duck, These very words of his are an act of treason. His actions with isis, iran, the irs, and many others are acts of terrorism. His alliance with the muslim brotehrhood and saul alinsky sycophants are treason and terroristic.
    He belongs in gitmo.

  • texas1

    This is treason for calling for mutiny and violates the UCMJ. He should be charged with these two offenses and sent to jail.

  • capa760

    And IF OBAMA had taken his own advice and announced to the patriotic American Business owners…..that
    in America, a business owner can refuse service in their business to those who are committing a moral SIN
    in OUR Christian Nation, according to OUR HOLY BIBLE. The harassing by a vindictive administration led
    hate campaign, has shown the world, that this “leader of America” is a Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, George Soros, Adolf Hitler, dictator leader and NOT ONE the American Leaders of the Honest, Trusted and moral administration, which helped built a Great Nation of Great Works in History. History remembers the

    mortals words, works, and crimes to humanity, while the people praise the leaders who are wise, caring and
    who accomplish great projects for the citizens of their country and for helping the distressed citizens of other
    nations under dictators. What Obama says and what He really does to Ferguson, the broken Oath of Office and the unsecured border, illegal criminal actions, equipping and training ISIS in secret Jordan camps, and
    Benghazi’s missing 23 humvees and a large supply of missles weapons to the enemies

  • John Bails

    lets see obumma the fraud illegitimate from day one, meaning NEVER NATURAL BORN because his dad which we really don’t know to be his dad or where he came from because all his records were made by bill ayers. So there’s that on the top of all the lies accounted to gain his own website around 2 years into his fraud role as squatter pres. Similar to a terrorist who takes over a plane and makes demands. Oh yes the obumma years, the truth will come out slowly over the next few years if Trump and Arpaio and Taitz can get together and make it happen. Every single congress bastard knows what he was and did.

  • Mike Tanco


  • Shaymamma8

    President Obama is not doing anything differently than the republicans, turnabout is fair play! Don’t whine about it, Trumpf is now president elect, you all got your wish. We will be going to war soon with someone, his buddies need to make money, and what better way than WAR. Remember, I said it first…….

  • bob grundy

    For the first time in 8 years I will be proud of my President. (With no apoligies to


    IIRC it is a violation of an officer’s oath to comment publically on the CIC, even though they swear allegiance only to the US Constitution, unlike the enlisted who also swear allegiance to the President.

    A soldier can refuse to obey an UNLAWFUL order. The rest? They could get court martialed.

    Fortunately it seems few of the airmen and women were impressed.

    Wonder what would have happened if they took his advice and booed?


    Fortunately, I believe the members of the military that exhibited this misguided spectacle will see it for what it is. It’s a direct political attack on the incoming President. Fortunately the soldiers probably remember how lamely they were treated under his command, how politics hindered their performance of their duties, and how once again meddling from the top in the ROE and command structure have led to an inability to perform the mission and needless deaths. As members of the armed forces sworn to follow their leaders lawfull orders and remain apolitical, they understand these comments are nothing more than sour grapes. They also understand that the primary enemy is “Radical Islamic Extremism”, and, that to defeat the enemy you must understand and identify the enemy.

  • EZ Income

    He must stay awake at night thinking how to fuck over the US.


    Why would the Military believe anything Obama says or has said? Trump has praised the Military and shown appreciation and faith in their ability. Mr. Trump will see that the VA and Treatment of our Vets and active duty soldiers respect and praise and much needed benefits that they have always earned and deserve. As President Elect appointed Military Leaders to be members of his cabinet. One thing Obama did was trade five very important NON COMPLIANT Terrorists for one deserter–that is the epitome of disrespect for our active duty members and the armed forces.

  • ladyjk

    Narcisstic Obama’s presidency will be over–he no longer will have a say over policy, diplomatic relations, etc. it is time for this spoiled, lower IQ fraud to accept he will have no say. He got away with acting like royalty for 8 years because of his handlers–all his speech writers, all those surrounding him. He prepped for delivering speeches not knowing half the time what he was saying. Case in point–he mispronounced words in his prepared speeches. Can anyone with half an IQ not mispronounce corpsman? He did it three times! I hope some day that all his college records, his foreign student status, his having to relinquish his legal license because he lied on the application, etc. gets released. He is a low IQ, low achieving, others writing his books (and having to change some “facts” in later editions) for him, and constant liar and cover up artist. I do hope like Clint Eastwood said, “he is the greatest fraud put upon the American people” finally gets exposed.

  • Teleman119

    I have no doubts that Mr Obama is the most disrespected Commander in Chief among our non-sexually addicted troops and veterans than any other President in history. Mr. Obama cannot betray President-elect Donald Trump. He was never loyal to him or his stated cause(s) which are juxtaposed to 99% or more of everything Mr Obama has done and intended to do from the very beginning. Mr Obama is a born traitor to all that is good, an anti Christ. He lifts up evil and calls it good as Democrats have done consistently since 1955, with the exceptions of RFK and JFK who were not Left for the Left and why they were killed.

  • EZ Income

    Now, BO wants to ship the manufacture of F-16’s and F-18’s to India. absolute insanity!

  • Stephen French

    What else would you expect from a community organizer, empty suit, Marxist, anti American, follower of the Muslim heresy?

  • jgp44

    Obama! What a colossal hypocrite. He punished and demoted Generals who disagreed with him and even criticized the Supreme Court when they ruled against his unprecedented usurpations of power! and now as he’s leaving, he says this?!

  • EZ Income
  • brbg

    I don’t think this will work on the military which has always been conservative. What Obama is doing is treason.

  • Teleman119

    Except for the cultural Marxists and sexually addicted among our troops, veterans and other authentic patriots, Mr Obama isn’t even considered to be a real person, man, American at heart, much less a President. So our loyal troops and others remain loyal to the office of the President in Obama’s case, not to him,actually. That way they can serve without conflict of conscience. For him to think he has sway over anyone but the immoral/weak minded pretentious and useless people like himself is laughable. Obama, Bill, Hillary, Kerry and Carter all belong jail. They may get a pardon in this lifetime but not in the next. They have chosen other loyalties and rewards than to what is right..

  • Caren

    No solider who is a real American will listen to this Muslim terrorist. They know OBAMA is our enemy.

  • EZ Income
  • Billy

    Very first task President Elect Trump should do,EXECUTIVE ORDER TO UNSEAL USURPER OVOMITS RECORDS! THEN WHEN REVEALED HE HAS NEVER BEEN A UNITED STATES CITIZEN,NULL AND VOID EVERY BS LAW,EXECUTIVE ORDER,EVERY LITTLE THING OVOMIT HAS MADE LAW OF THE LAND!!!!!!! Get rid of all the 💩💩💩💩💩 that has been allowed to be passed in our government! Last but not least, lock their butts up in GUANTANAMO BAY!!!!!!

  • My country

    This idiot doesn’t know the military works for us not him ! What should we expect from a lowlife like him ? Bill Clinton didn’t move over for Bush he put his office right down the street from the White House and kept on making speeches on the looney at 5 ! All I can say is this idiot has made a lot of enemies in this country and he just needs to go ahead and disappear with his billions he got off the American people .,

  • Jersey_Prophet

    Only another of countless examples why this impostor sitting n the Oval; Office NEVER had any business being there. January 20 can’t come soon enough for me.

  • Jon Skaar

    Dumbell doesn’t know that. Don’t worry Trump doesn’t need his ideas,

  • desert fox

    Well, I will be politically correct—we know what a black ass hole looks like in the white house.

  • ReaperHD

    Any one in uniform will take his orders and obey them or find himself COURT MARSHALED and thrown in PRISON. OBLOZO talks out his butt hole and it’s not much longer he is out of here.

  • Michael Meredith

    I think soros/sotero/bilary muders socialism is alive and well in America,

  • Sidney Porter

    I think I just read that global warming and the second amendment is the cause of terrorism, how did this ignored POS even finish kindergarten, there is no global warming only to hollow headed fools like him and his entire administration, they can’t figure out that history repeats it’s self, and the second amendment will not be infringed upon, as for the military they are glad we are now going to have a President with some balls and common sense, the president is at the top of the chane of command any and everybody that’s served knows this.

  • biadro

    Treasonous anti-American bastard Commander in Chief Obama,
    holding America hostage on a daily basis!

  • Bebe Nix


  • Elizabeth

    Obama demonstrates again a complete lack of character.

  • Steven Rhodes

    What a buffoon Obama is.
    Military members are the LAST people to have any right to talk about politics.
    He is probably too stupid to realize this.

  • Dana Cole

    I served under Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter. None and I mean none were worth a shit or friendly with the military. Armed service support has only gotten worse and worse since those four. Also I reserve judgement and withhold comment pertinent to Bush’s decisions.

    However and what I observed so far, I would be proud to service again under Trump as my Commander in Chief. I trust him explicitly.

  • Sally Becker


  • Joseph r carreiro sr

    Did he get any boos from the Military.I spent a year at McDill in Tampa in the 50’s and loved it. Hope the Military still does. Opinion.

  • maocchino

    Fake. Fake. Fake.
    What?!? How fake can you get. No links to the “original” articles… no citations. Just bunk.

  • Kevin Morrison

    Thankfully our brave military men and women are not as brainwashed as the entitled youth and ignorant adults of this country that so blindly voted for and think Obama and Clinton are some sort of hero’s (in any sense of the word). If any American knows how abusive this administration is, it is our military and I highly doubt any of them are going to listen to a word coming out of this piece of shits mouth! In fact I see a sense of relief among our military, knowing they will finally be recognized for the true patriots they are. Fuck Obama, the Clinton’s and all the other anti American politicians that inhabit this country! The fact that this piece of shit would stand there and make a statement claiming it is our obligation to disobey the president after all the chastising this prick has done is absurd! Had I still been in the service and was there I would have spit on this piece of shits shoes, told him to go fuck himself and then reminded him of shit that just spewed out of his ass before he dare have me arrested! After all I would just be standing up against his failed policies!

  • Fortuneless

    Fuck Obama….Damn Muslim POS

  • richak28

    Obama is an idiotic MUSLIM Bastard as far as I”m concerned and should be Impeached for Treason…

  • Pete Paradissis

    Screw the Muslim Traitor!

  • 4USA2

    Gee, somebody should remind Obama that a DECORATED MILITARY DOCTOR who had been deployed already three or four times and had just gotten another deployment order …. asked FOR PROOF THAT OBAMA HAD THE RIGHT TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF AND SHOULD SHOW HIS REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE and then, the doctor, said he would obey the deployment order. However, Obama made sure that the case never got resolved by the military court and the lady judge ruled that “the case couldn’t be heard because it might embarrass the President.” And then, the DECORATED MILITARY Doctor lost his stripes and was sentenced to a year at Leavenworth for even bringing such a case to court. SO NOW OBAMA IS SAYING OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD QUESTION IF DONALD TRUMP HAS THE RIGHT TO BE COMMANDER AND CHIEF???? How does that work because Trump has a birth certificate and he did win the election? Oh, I get it …. double standard. And isn’t it finally time for Obama to bow out?

  • 5live5

    This is ripe!! He fires every general that doesn’t agree with HIM yet says something like THIS??? This person gets more weird by the hour!!

    • Debra I

      Insane comes to mind!!!

  • Texas Belle

    I’m sure some of the troops were laughing after they have served under a POTUS who loathes the Military. Too bad Obama can’t be conscripted to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. Besides that he should keep his mouth shut NOW and after he is out of office. He is old news.

    • golding4

      I hope not…..I still hope they go after him….

  • BEACH2916

    Ever time I see this idiot I ge
    t that feeling in my stomach as when I see a turd floating in a swimming pool.

  • disqus_2yv97E418L

    Obama is an azzhole. What else is there to say. Trump’s “Trump” card? Prosecute him for sedition.

  • LieutenantM

    I do find this disgusting–if this is true. Worse than disgusting.

    USArmy Officer [Vietnam era ] ANTI-WAR–FOR TRUMP–

    Lieutenant Morrisseau’s Rebellion,,
    Second Vermont Republic,

    POB 177, W. Pawlet, VT USA 05775,
    802 645 9727

  • ricktenny

    I’m thinking that before we are blessed to see this imposter of a potus gone, someone is going to find him in the corner of his room, demanding his Strawberry Ice Cream be returned.

  • Julia

    It is also a form of treason, and inciting to riot or violence. He will never get over Trump’s win being a complete repudiation of his policies!

  • Joseph F Idell

    Obama should be arrested immdediately for treason. The video should be seized as evidence and Congress called into session for an impeachment. Better yet, as commander in chief try him for sedition under the articles of the UCMJ. Then hang him!

  • Bruce Kevin Jones

    I suppose the difference is; President Trump WANTS people to speak their mind. Something Democrat-communist leaning presidents don’t want.

    What President Obama is advocating is “commit treason instead of doing your job, consult a lawyer before attacking the enemy”.

    The rules of engagement will return to reality once Obama is gone. We will not telegraph what we are going to do before we do it and plan on winning instead of being politically correct.

  • afanaglenn

    Obama is the biggest scuzbucket in history. Wish someone would bump him off. He disgraces the office. Should have been impeached a long time go but republicans were trying to act like democrats instead of doing their job. He is a muslim jackal bent on destroying the country, every since day one. I hate this sob and every clown that voted for him, people swayed by the limited intellect of actors and actresses, and the whole entertainment industry, including the press which is more likened to the entertainment industry then reporting the news truthfully.

  • mpdMD1965

    Dung Obama has once again decided to show his incompetence and ignorance. He is the quintessential dumb N.
    You can take someone out of the gutter but one cannot take the gutter out of the former gutter resident. Obama can live in the Taj
    Mahal. He will always be a gutter resident

  • Chuck Smith

    All I can think of is the (N) word.

  • Tim Harris

    I think the soldiers know better and are only too happy to have Trump

  • ToniStimmel

    Trump should reciprocate in his acceptance speech and loose the military to tell the public just how miserable a Commander in Chief Obozo, his abministration, and his entourage had been.

  • Gemmo Boon

    Soldiers should just tell Obama “No” when this freak POTUS asks to suck their cocks. As America’s first homo president, Obammie has ushered in a perverse & fetid culture. We will now begin the process of cleaning up after this faggot POS.

  • Richard

    As he was giving his lameass speech I’m betting most of our soldiers were thinking January 20 can’t come soon enough.

  • Camille Gilliam

    I think most of them already know that Obama didn’t like them, and Trump does. I really doubt that they will even think about listening to him. I just watched “13 hours: the Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi ” . Obama did nothing to help them and from what I have read he helped fund Issi with our money.

  • Colin Davies

    At leased Donald J Trump won’t make the cadets run around in red high heel shoes . If you have not seen what Obama made the cadets do . look it up on google cadets in red high heel shoes . (A disgrace)

  • Elad

    On his best day, he is a despicable and disgusting individual, no morals and believes his own lies.

  • Larry Lawless

    Not even the outgoing President can authorize a service member to openly verbally disagree or whatever with their commander in chief, it is against the code of Military Justice and is punishable by no less than an Article 15 with a fine, up to prison time and or an other than honorable discharge. IF you receive an illegal order you can refuse but you must be ready to pay the consequences. I am retired US Army Military Police.

  • PJ Thompson

    don’t worry…the military knows which side its bread is buttered on…they’ve been waiting like the rest of us for that assnozzle to leave office

  • Mary

    This so-called president should be arrested. To be tainting the minds of the military – and, the people is a disgrace – good riddance to him in January.

  • JBRoux

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from this ex President. Let’s just be happy he’s going. Surprised that the soldiers didn’t take that moment to “speak their minds”.

  • Robert Mullinax

    Disrespect of a superior officer is a violation of the Code of Conduct.

  • VMS

    Did you see those cadets and midshipman go wild when Trump came to the Army-Navy game?

  • carlad

    Hell I even have a SWEARING IN with the USPS!!! DUH!!! obumer his rules as he gos.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    “Obama insisted that soldiers need to rise up against Trump if they feel he is pushing policies that are ill considered.”
    Obama told the troops, “each of us has…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”

    I believe the record shows that Obama either imprisons such soldiers under his command or he dismisses them under sanctions even denying return of pension contributions. As for military officers speaking their mind; in the previous seven years Obama has already fired/dismissed a thousand senior officers.
    How did that criticizing of the president go under B.S. Barry?

  • Highland26

    Is this fake news?

  • SouthSideSkeptic

    Don’t think will have much effect. Most military people loathe Obama, support Trump because he supports them and can’t wait until Obama is gone. But it does show the hatred and contempt that Obama has the United States. Even tho they elected him President (twice) and he will become a very rich man out of office.

  • Nun Ya

    Above is a link to a news story about a Marine given a disshonorable discharge for criticizing Obama

  • Pushed to the limit

    The alpha males are back in charge. The pajama boys are not happy.

  • jtintx2

    F*** Obama!!!!!!!!!!

  • solog

    Obama is un-American….it is probably why the United States of America is divided, battling and struggling as much as it is…pathetic!

  • ToniStimmel

    If Obozo starts a war of words with Trump he will be even more humiliated because his entire administration was a carefully designed disaster and a continuous war on our Constitution and America.

  • Lori Shaw

    So what’s new from the Downgrade America President Obama. No matter what the Trump haters said during the election process it couldn’t take away from the fact that Mr. Trump is an American through and through. Not an American hater like that arse Obama.

  • malaw

    Any woman or man in uniform knows that it is unlawful to speak out against their Commander in Chief. So for obama to advise, even encourage them to do so is treason.

  • malaw

    I only wish someone there had had the courage to arrest him.

  • George

    This is typical of Obama; he hates everyone who is not Muslim or Black. Obama is nothing but a pure raciest, and the majority of Americans know this to be true.

  • Dump_the_traitor

    He continues to look like the traitor fool he is. Americans are disgusted by his betrayal of our country and what it stands for. KARMA IS A WONDERFUL THING!

  • TwoDogs4Me

    Just another fucking lib hypocrite. Barry, you can’t leave office soon enough,
    Soros’s puppet Barry will try to undermine you but it will backfire.