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Obama Is On Course For A Humiliating Defeat

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    Aside from killing the America killing slave trade deals I hope Donald will put Rudy G. in a position to quickly arrest and prosecute H. Clinton and put her in prison. Many of us hope he will do this.


    Obama has no achievements to build a legacy!

    • JamesT

      His achievements include escalation of bigotry, racism, hatrige of COPs, disarming of the military and general downfall of America. Now that’s a legacy! Worst POTUS ever.

      • Vassiliki

        you forgot the rise of the LGBT and confusing the heck out of young people, the everybody gets a participation award (hence the snowflakes we see in college today), the PC crap, war on Christianity, colleges going over board with liberalism, bringing in hordes of illegals and refugees, no voter ID laws, and I am sure there is more.

        • jimahrens

          There is a dump in the Pacific they can name after Obama!

  • notalib

    Obama’s legacy is one based on lies, bs and failure!

  • ex-DWP anonymous

    They better not dedicate any libraries or memorials to Obama if they have half a brain.

  • All of these “global initiative” deals come at the expense of American workers to profit American merchandisers. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.